A Simple Process

The process is simple for the new denture wearer. Most people want a temporary or immediate denture for the sake of appearance following extractions. Within hours, One Day Smile Dentures has your new denture and your new smile ready. Of course, it is common for gum tissue to change and shrink during the normal healing process. Therefore, within 6-12 months following your procedure you will return for a reline of your denture.

How It Works

To get dentures in one day, you will begin at 7:00 am for a consultation and x-ray. After reviewing the x-ray, your dentist will take an impression and you will return at 2:00pm for any extractions and the delivery of your dentures. Once the extractions are done the gums will shrink as part of the healing phase, which will require a reline of your dentures in 6-12 months.

While it is not a new concept to make dentures that you can afford and to make them in one day, it is new and comforting to know that you are being treated in a family dental practice right here in Cleveland County and not a ‘denture warehouse’ in the city.