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Next Dental Lab has been committed to adopting digital innovation since the very beginning. The ability to have your dental practice pivot from conventional to digital, though not obligated, is highly recommended for numerous reasons. It will surely translate to an increase in effectiveness, efficiency, and continued success for your dental practice. See below for instructions on how to partner and send digital scans to our lab.

Dentist/dental assistant holding iTero intraoral scanner with patient on chair

Shining 3D logo

  • Navigate to the “user” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Make sure you are on the “Connections” tab
  •  Click on the “+ New” icon
  • Search for and select “Nextdentallab.com Florida” 
  • Click on the check mark to submit the connection request
  • Next Dental Lab will approve the connection request and it will be in your list of “targets”

Aoralscan 3 is a product of SHINING3D

iTero logo

  • Login to your iTero/Align Tech Doctor’s portal
  • Navigate to “Add Preferred Lab” and input our lab’s Company ID (49137) to connect your practice with Next Dental Lab directly.
  • If any issues appear, please call iTero’s support line directly to set up Next Dental Lab as your “Preferred Lab” – simply give them our Company ID (49137) and they will connect your practice with our lab directly.

iTero Element is a product of Align Technology Inc.

3 shape logo

  • Login to your 3Shape Communicate account
  • Navigate to “More” and then select “Settings”
  • In the menu, select “Connections” then “Labs” and then “Add”
  • Click on “Add Connections”
  • Type in our digital department’s email address: digital@nextdentallab.com
  • Next Dental Lab will be shown. Click “Connect”

Trios is a product of 3Shape

Cerec by sirona logo

  • Login to your Sirona Connect Doctor’s Portal and navigate to “Add”
  • Now under “My Account,” click on “My Favorite Laboratories”
  • Click on “Search Labs”
  • Enter Next Dental Lab in the Company Name field
  • If you can’t find us you may also search by location – select “United States” and then enter Next Dental Lab’s Florida zip code: “33444” 
  • Find Next Dental Lab and click on the plus sign in the “Add” column all the way to the right
  • Your scans are ready to be sent right away – just choose Next Dental Lab from your drop down menu.

CEREC is a product of Dentsply Sirona

medit dental scanner logo

  • Sign in through your Medit Link account
  • Click on “Partners” in the left-hand column
  • Select “Search for Partners” at the top
  • Click in the search bar and type in our digital department’s email address: digital@nextdentallab.com
  • Next Dental Lab will populate. Select our lab to add us as a partner

Medit i500/i700 is a product of Medit

  • carestream logoLogin to your CS Connect Doctor’s Portal
  • In the toolbar on the top-right of your screen, click on the “Partners” icon
  • In the “Partners” window, click “Add a Partner”
  • In the email field, enter the email address for Next Dental Lab: info@nextdentallab.com
  • Click “Send” – your invitation will now be sent to Next Dental Lab and a new “Partner” entry will be created in your list of “Partners”.
  • Our digital department will accept your invitation and you can.

CS scanners are a product of Carestream Dental

midmark logo

  • Search for Next Dental Lab on your scanner’s library of “Preferred Dental Labs” 
  • If required you may send invitation via email – type in our digital department’s email address: digital@nextdentallab.com
  • Once you add Next Dental Lab we will automatically be connected

True Definition is a product of Midmark

Heron IOS

  • Log on to your HeronClinic™ account
  • Add Next Dental Lab as your office’s dental lab of choice in the HeronCloud™ interface by clicking on “Connections” and then “Add Connection”
  • Select Next Dental Lab when completing the digital Rx
  • The case will be sent to us through the Heron portal

Heron™ IOS is a product of 3DISC

Don’t see your scanner? Please contact us so we can set up the connection.
Email: info@nextdentallab.com 
Phone: 561-285-8828
Handheld intraoral scanner by Shining 3D

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