Why Intraoral Scanners Are Must-Have Equipment For A Modern Dental Office

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Relishing the present while envisaging the future is at the heart of recent advancements in dental technology. As dentistry strides boldly into this new era, intraoral scanners emerge as the major driving factor. These compact devices have sparked a digital revolution, capturing highly accurate data, dramatically enhancing patient comfort, and elevating the standard of care.

At Next Dental Lab, we harness the power of today’s most sophisticated digital scanners. This evolution aids in delivering accurate, swift, and efficient dental solutions. We understand the power of precision, recognizing how these devices can reduce errors, increase patient satisfaction, and expedite treatment planning and execution.

Simultaneously, we contribute significantly to the modern dental office with our diverse range of dental products. This includes our state-of-the-art fixed and removable solutions and implant technologies. Our goal is to facilitate optimal patient outcomes while liberating dental practices from high costs.

Enhances Patient Comfort and Experience

Why Intraoral Scanners Are Must-Have Equipment For A Modern Dental Office

Intraoral scanners are a blessing for patients daunted by traditional impression methods. The non-invasive scanners cut out the need for messy, uncomfortable impression materials. The patient can stay relaxed throughout the scan, making for a much more pleasant appointment.

Moreover, these scanners allow for a more interactive visit. Patients can view 3D images of their teeth, giving them a better understanding of their oral health. This active engagement can lead to more cooperative patients who are more invested in their dental care.

Increases Accuracy of Dental Impressions

Accuracy is compulsory in dentistry. Thankfully, the precision of intraoral scanners raises the bar. These devices record thousands of data points in the mouth, resulting in extremely accurate 3D images of the teeth and surrounding tissue. This translates to more consistently fitting restorations and less time spent adjusting them.

The scanners can also highlight areas missed during the first scan, ensuring that no gaps are left. This leads to comprehensive and accurate impressions, avoiding rework or remakes due to false impressions.

Improves Workflow Efficiency

Intraoral scanners can drastically improve the efficiency of a dental office. With no need for physical impressions, the scanning process speeds up significantly. This enables quicker turnaround times for procedures, freeing time for additional appointments and improving clinic efficiency.

The dental team can also communicate effectively with the dental lab through digital files. There’s no risk of distortion during transportation, meaning fewer errors and quicker adjustments if necessary.

Facilitates Digital Storage and Accessibility

The shift to digital is a massive advantage for dental offices. Intraoral scanners offer easy digital storage of patient impressions. This eradicates the need for physical storage space, which can often be cumbersome and space-consuming.

The digital data is easily accessed and shared securely with other members of the dental team or with dental labs. This makes treatment planning more streamlined and ensures all involved parties have access to the same accurate, up-to-date patient information.

Time to Upgrade with Next Dental Lab

Reimagine your dental practice by ally with Next Dental Lab. Discover our advanced intraoral scanners, versatile digital scanners, and a wide range of cost-effective dental products. Buckle up for the journey toward future-focused dental care. Let’s leap together. Reach out, and let’s create the dental office your patients deserve.

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